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The M²Synth is the latest in 5U modular synths from Soundtronics. For that classic retro sound, the M²Synth is based around 1980’s analog technology but manufactured to current industry standards. With its unique construction, the M²Synth’s modular pod design can accommodate the developing needs of budding enthusiasts to recording studios.
Whether starting off small or going all out, the M²Synth's modular ‘modular’ design allows you to create your perfect synth, one pod at a time. Each pod with its integral linear power supply can be populated with up to 10U's worth of modules. With our unique "Podlink" joining system, each pod can be joined together to form racks of any size.
Range of Modules
From the traditional core modules to the more specialty, the M²Synth features a wide array of module functions with many more in development. The 25+ strong catalogue includes everything from VCO's and ADSR's to a Paraphonic Chord VCO and Compact Programmable Sequencer.
Constructed from brushed stainless steel with solid aluminium end cheeks, the M²Synth adopts a robust construction with a modern appearance. Every module features a high contrast, laser engraved front panel and clean design making for ease of use even in low lighting conditions.
In House Manufacturing
Worldwide Shipping
UK Based Support
30 + Years of Electronics Design Experience
Based on a traditional 5U format every M²Synth module is a multiple of 1U, this allow for up to 20% more modules in the same space compared to alternative 5U formats. As is standard on most 5U synths, ¼” (6.35mm) jacks are used for patching throughout with the exception of MIDI signals which utilise 3.5mm TRS stereo jacks.