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Mixers are mainly used to mix together various audio patches and output a line voltage to your mixing desk / loudspeaker amplifier. Our mixers 136/137 also contain a headphone socket to plug your headphones into. You can also use the 136 mixer to mix control voltages for complex modulations.

Mixer 136 A basic 3-input mixer with headphone and Line outputs

VC Panning Mixer 137 a 4-input stereo mixer with voltage controlled panning. Stereo Line outputs and headphone socket. Cascading of multiple 137 mixers is possible so that one master level control can fade multiple mixers

The 3-Channel Mixer 136 we believe to be an essential module even for the smallest system such as our System 10. If no other reason than having the headphone socket and a mono line output socket for your amplifier. Don't restrict its use to just being an output module on larger systems as you can fe..
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The 3-Channel Mixer 136 is a must have and larger systems could easily have many of these. Now, when you want to compose in stereo, then the 4-channel Panning Mixer 137 is the natural choice. With voltage controlled panning and its back-lit VU meters, it not only performs superbly but looks rea..
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