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M²Synth Launching November 2021

The M²Synth is the latest in 5U modular synths from Soundtronics. The core of the M²Synth is based around 1980’s analog technology for that classic retro sound. With its unique construction, the M²Synth’s expandable pod design easily accommodates the needs of enthusiasts to studios.
Constructed from brushed stainless steel with solid aluminium end cheeks, the M²Synth adopts a robust construction with a modern appearance. Every module features a high contrast, laser engraved front panel and clean design making for ease of use even in low lighting conditions.
Whether attending a modular meet or gigging with your band, the M²Synth can be broken down in minutes for easy transportation and quick setup. Additional cross bars allow even large configurations to be mounted onto a keyboard stand for stage or home use.
Range of Modules
From the traditional core modules to the more specialty, the M²Synth features a wide array of module functions with many more in development. The 25+ strong catalogue includes everything from VCO's and ADSR's to a Paraphonic Chord VCO and Compact Programmable Sequencer.