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M²Synth Racks

Our complete systems are a great way of getting started with your synth but as your system grows, you may need the added flexibility of choosing your own modules. From March 2022 all of our modules will be available for purchase individually, allowing for even further customisation of your modular setup.

The M²Synth has taken a very different approach where your existing system can be expanded in multiples of 10U wide expansion Pods. Each pod is securely attached to one another to form a rigid complete cabinet - it's a modular modular hence the M² in the name. The racks consist of two types of Pod, base Pods and expansion Pods which can be connected together to form a single larger rack. If you need your synth to be portable, we recommend the rack is no more than two Pods wide and 4 pods high so that it can be easily separated into 4 sections for transporting.
Pod Construction
M²Synth Pods feature a brushed stainless steel enclosure and solid aluminium end cheeks. Modules are secured with 4 stainless steel screws into two pre-threaded aluminium mounting rails. The construction of the M²Synth pod projects the feeling of quality which is not always present in comparable systems.

Only two types of Pod are needed to create a modular system of just about any size. The sloping front of the base pod provides a stable platform onto which expansion Pods can quickly be stacked. Wider systems can be achieved by joining individual Pods together using an intermediate cheek.
Pod Coupler
Our unique Pod Coupler allows you to add or remove Pods in a matter of minutes, making it easy to transport your synth to and from your gig or modular meet.

The dovetail design of the Pod Coupler provides an exceptionally rigid connection and is locked in place with just two screws.
Power Distribution
Every M²Synth Pod has a dedicated linear power supply and internal power distribution with plug-in connectors to make swapping modules simple.