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MU Effects

Your synth cannot be complete until you have lots of noise otherwise how else are you going to create the sound of the sea crashing on the shore line or that rumble of thunder. The Noise + S&H module not only has noise sources but also a sample and hold function. The term sample and hold describ..
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A classic sound in synths is the phaser effect for which we have the Phaser 149.Features Internal LFO with switch selection of a triangle or ramp modulation waveform with modulation depth controlSwitch selection of number of phaser stages 4 or 8Variable control for feedback (emphasis)Specificat..
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Another classic sound in synths is the ring modulation effect for which we have the Ring Modulator 151.Features Two modes of operation AxB where the output signal consists of the sum and the difference of the input frequencies. A second mode is 2A where the output signal is twice input A signal..
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A PT chip based echo module with the addition of being able to control the five main parameters using external control voltages. Features Integral VCAs allow for internal & external control of input signal level, dry signal level mix to output & wet echo levelInternal & externa..
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A bit of a favourite of ours is the wave folder and the wonderful harmonics it creates. Rather than just limit the module to wave folding, additional switch controls allow aspects of the folded waveform to be switch in or out. Features Switch controls to select whether folds and sidebands ..
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