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Module 137 - 4-Channel VC Panning Mixer

Module 137 - 4-Channel VC Panning Mixer
Module 137 - 4-Channel VC Panning Mixer

The 3-Channel Mixer 136 is a must have and larger systems could easily have many of these. Now, when you want to compose in stereo, then the 4-channel Panning Mixer 137 is the natural choice. With voltage controlled panning and its back-lit VU meters, it not only performs superbly but looks really retro in the process. Especially large systems can have multiple 137 mixers all linked so that one mixer can control the output level of all cascaded 137 mixers, an easy way to fade out your multi-patch composition at the end of the performance.


  • 4-input channels
  • Stereo line and headphone outputs
  • Initial pan position for each channel
  • External panning CV with attenuator control
  • Master level control or external fade control voltage to set master level
  • Master level control voltage output that can be used as the fade input control voltage to a second mixer 137


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc (note: this modules uses two power supply connectors for load sharing)
  • Supply current  J1 +30mA / -30mA, J2 +36mA / -30mA
  • Input signal level +/-5V
  • 0-10V control voltages

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