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MU Programmable Sequencer 192

MU Programmable Sequencer 192
MU Programmable Sequencer 192

Truly analogue sequencers tend to be rather large modules with typically 8 to 16 steps with each step often having one or more potentiometers and associated switches. Sequencers output a voltage for each step based on a potentiometer setting and can be quite difficult to tune to a musical scale. This can be aided by a device called a quantizer that takes the step output voltage and constrains it to voltage levels that follow the semitones (notes) as found in the western world musical scales. Whether a note sounds or not is selected using a toggle switch that enable or disables a gate pulse. These sequencers are fantastic at what they do but have limitations such as an inability to store sequences for later retrieval.

The 192 Sequencer emulates the analogue sequencer and adds further functions to make this a powerful alternative to the basic sequencer described above.



Each track has the capacity for 48 steps arranged in 3 banks of 16. Each step consisting of a note, rest or sequence command, note type or sequence command value, step control command, gate duration time, auxiliary CV. 


User selectable from C-1 to G9 which covers all 128 MIDI notes of over 10 octaves. 6 Note lengths demisemiquaver to semibreve which equates to 1 clock pulse to 32. 


10 to 240 BPM where 1 beat is a crotchet

Sequence Commands

  • Sequence reset
  • Sequence stop
  • Sequence reverse
  • Goto bank (1-3)
  • Goto track (0-99)
  • Loop (loop back to start of current bank)
  • Repeat sign (repeat section 1-99 times)
  • Transpose (up/down up to 19 semitones
  • Goto step (1-48)
  • Hold (1-99 crotchets)
  • Gate on time(5-95% of note length)

Control Commands

  • Repeat begin(start of repeat section)
  • Programmable gate on
  • Programmable gate off
  • Ratchet 02 to 32 (number of repeat gates pulse per step)

External Controls

  • Gate out
  • Trigger out
  • CV Out (x2)
  • Programmable gate out
  • Auxiliary CV out
  • Clock out
  • Clock in
  • Reset input
  • Enable input


  • Supply voltage Dual +/-12Vdc & +/-15Vdc headers
  • Supply current  +50mA / -1mA


User Manual

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