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MU High Pass Filter 111

MU High Pass Filter 111
MU High Pass Filter 111

The voltage controlled 24dB/octave 4-pole high pass filter passes the higher harmonics whilst blocking the lower frequencies hi-hats anyone?


  • 1 Volt / Octave cut-off frequency CV)
  • Cut-off modulation input with potentiometer attenuator (FM)
  • Resonance potentiometer control with an external CV resonance input
  • Self-oscillates with high resonance settings.


  • Supply voltage +/-15Vdc (Uses included in-line voltage regulator module with both MOTM and MU headers) 
  • Supply current  +10mA / -14mA
  • Waveform levels +/-5V
  • Frequency range: 36Hz to over 26kHz without any CV applied

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