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MU Low Pass Filter 110

MU Low Pass Filter 110
MU Low Pass Filter 110

The voltage controlled 24dB/octave 4-pole low pass filter is the default filter for your synth. The 110 is a full size 2U wide module with a 3-channel signal mixer making it ideal for mixing the waveforms from up to three VCOs for that fat sound. Filter 116 is similar but without the mixer allowing it to fit into a 1U wide module.


  • 3-Channel input signal mixer
  • 1 Volt / Octave cut-off frequency CV (2 off)
  • Cut-off modulation input with potentiometer attenuator (FM3)
  • Resonance potentiometer control with an external CV resonance input
  • Self-oscillates with high resonance settings of >70%


  • Supply voltage +/-15Vdc (Uses included in-line voltage regulator module with both MOTM and MU headers) 
  • Supply current  +10mA / -13mA
  • Waveform levels +/-5V
  • Frequency range: 19Hz to 15kHz without any CV applied


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