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Module 121 - Envelope Generator VC ADSR

Module 121 - Envelope Generator VC ADSR
Module 121 - Envelope Generator VC ADSR

The ADSR 120 is one of the core modules essential to an analogue synth. Most frequently used to control a VCA but equally used to control the cut-off of a VCF. Larger systems can expect to have the need for many ADSR modules.

This module, the VC ADSR 121 goes a step further by allowing for dynamic changing of the ADSR timing / level values from external control voltage sources. Additionally, controls are provided to change the response (shape) of attack, decay and release phases. This opens up new possibilities of modulation techniques. 


  • Controls for Attack, Decay and Release envelope phases along with the Sustain level
  • Controls for the Attack, Decay and Release response shapes from exponential, through linear to logarithmic.
  • Time range selection switch x1 / x10
  • Gate input for full ADSR output
  • Manual gate button
  • LED indicator of gate pulse integrated into the manual gate button
  • Trig input for full AR envelope from a trigger pulse
  • The Trig input can also be used for re-triggering the attack / decay phases whilst the gate input is active
  • CV inputs for each of the Attack, Decay and Release times
  • A common CV input that sets simultaneously the Attack, Decay and Release times 
  • CV input for the Sustain level


  • Supply voltage +/-12Vdc
  • Supply current  +31mA / -34mA
  • Output level 0-10V

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